NC Police get it right.

An 11 year old girl filed a false police report saying that someone tried to rape her behind her house. They are charging her for it. Good! Filing a false police report is a waste of tax dollars and a waste of time of our men and women in uniform who could be spending that time fighting actual crime.

But we need to do more than that. Somewhere along the way, either this girl learned that making false claims of rape is OK or someone dropped the ball and did not inform her that telling such lies are worse than many other lies because they hurt actual victims of rape (by placing doubt in the minds of others about their claims) and the people that they falsely accuse (though, in this case there was no specific person accused).

We need to do a better job teaching people about how filing a false police report can hurt victims and innocent people. We also need to increase the punishment for filing false police reports to act as a deterrent .

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