Can you tell me what is wrong with this video?

There is a “Men’s Rights Advocate” (MRA) site that posted this video:

The author of the post claims that the video is a “piece of misandric garbage”.  I do not see how this ad is in any way hateful to men. It just encourages parents to raise their children to not be rapists.

I have created the tag “not helping”. It will be reserved for those people who claim to be supportive of certain causes but whose actions give those causes bad names. It is not limited to MRA but from what i have seen so far, it is likely to include many examples from MRA websites. Claiming that a video like this is hateful to men is not helpful to the cause of spreading the word about false accusations of rape. All it does is make you look hateful of women,. Why? Because there is nothing wrong with teaching your kids to not rape. Period.

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  1. Lee says:

    Just an fyi, you’re pissing into the wind over there at the Schroedinger’s Rapist blog post. They aren’t even listening to you, and frankly, it’s unlikely that they would care even if they did. For the record, I’m with you, but I suggest finding a site a little closer to the center on this issue.

    I mean really: “Now that you’re demonstrating you would rather argue with women than listen to them…..”

    Does that sound like a person with any space in their opinion for a reasonable discussion?

    And just in case you’re hoping for the OP to come sweeping in with ‘moderation’:

    “Moderation note: I allow a lot of leeway to feminist folks who are trying to move the discourse forward. I don’t usually do that for folks invoking the usual panoply an antifeminist “yer makin’ up the whole privilege thing to silence the MENZ” arguments.”

    He has already accepted the important premises for one side as axiomatically true; the gig is up before the curtain has even budged an inch above the hardwoods.


  2. Daniel Z. says:

    No, I am not really hoping that the moderator comes in. I really should just ignore the poster “ginmar” but I have this thing about me that when people print falsehoods about me that I need to correct them. It is not for the benefit of the people making the false statement but for the other people who may be reading. I would hope that most readers would read what was written and reject it. But sometimes, without the other side, false claims can be made about others and just believed.

  3. Daniel Z. says:

    Well, Thomas did come in and shut it down.

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