Wait for more of these cases with the new Title IX regs

Caleb Warner was a student at The University of North Dakota. He was accused of rape by a fellow student. The University kicked him out for violating the code of student life because of the accusation. It was the kind of swift decision that the current title IX regulations require. He was never formally charged by the police for a crime.

Three months after he was expelled from school, the police charged his accuser with filing a false police report.  Despite this fact, the university is refusing to reopen the case and change their minds on their rash decision.

People wonder why the university would refuse to act. I mean, common sense dictates that they must open the case if the police believe the woman lied, right? Well, common sense is not common any more. And the new Title IX regulations I blogged about previously do not use common sense on issues like these. I believe that universities will be afraid to revisit these cases because they will be afraid that the federal government will come down on them for violating Title IX. See, even though they might want to seek justice and right a wrong, the new regulations have nothing to do with justice. When you can kick someone off campus on the word (and the word alone) of someone else, you fail to achieve justice.

And while this decision to expel was not made with the new Title IX regulations in place, those regulations will open the flood gates for more rulings such as this.

This must be stopped.

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