False charges against Weiner

Say what you want about Anthony Weiner… but do not say that he committed illegal acts with an underage girl, because it is not true.

This, of course, has not stopped the politics of personal destruction used by the most vile people in politics today. At first, people wondered “what if” he spoke with someone who was underage. They asked this question without any knowledge of any wrongdoing with underage girls. Then, they found a 17 year old and the allegation was made that he had acted inappropriately. However, he had not and they closed the investigation. But people are still suggesting wrongdoing.

People really should be ashamed of themselves.  Regardless of how you feel about the former Congressman and if he should have resigned, there was plenty of actual behavior that he has admitted to that you can attack him on. There is no need to manufacture charges against him, especially when such charges can have such a negative impact on those falsely accused.

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