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Remember Duke Lacrosse

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Just when you thought he couldn’t get more absurd, false rape accuser apologist Roger Canaff strikes again.

This time, he makes this statement:

Remember Duke Lacrosse: A rallying cry that will do more to shelter rapists for the next generation than any force on earth could hope to accomplish

Seriously? Come on man!

When confronted on these words, Canaff does say that the Duke Lacrosse team members were factually not guilty, should never have been tried, and that Mike Nifong should have been disbarred. Of course, anyone who disagrees with those three statements is an idiot.

However, the idea that remembering the Duke Lacrosse case (DLC) is somehow a defense for actual rapists proves that Canaff completely misses the point. DLC should remind everyone that we should not be making assumptions about what has happened in an alleged rape. DLC should remind everyone that there are predatory prosecutors who do not seek justice but instead seek to make a name for themselves. DLC should remind everyone that in this country that people are supposed to be treated as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Canaff has not learned this lesson. He is saying that in the DSK case that there is no compelling reason to disbelieve her claims.

Everyone should remember that hookers, thieves and liars can be raped.  But Canaff would have us ignore the lies told in this investigation. At what point does an accuser of rape lose credibility? How many lies must one say in a police report before the accusations are not believed. In the case of my false accuser (who Canaff knows personally), it seems obvious that one big lie was all that was needed for the police to say that her claims were false.

Canaff also suggests that there are only two possibilities when you question the truthfulness of the statements made by accusers of rape. That either women are perfect and as such are believed when they make an accusation of rape or that they are not perfect and as such should never be believed. This, of course, is an absurd argument made by an absurd person. Nobody is suggesting that a woman needs to be perfect in order to be believed when making a rape accusation. What is being suggested is that SOMETIMES women lie about being raped and that it is reasonable to question the trustworthiness of a person making a serious claim that could have life lasting consequences for the accused.

Unfortunately, Canaff does not seem to embrace the legal ideals that our country holds dear. He would have us believe all accusers of rape, even though we know that sometimes (as in the Duke Lacrosse case) that rape claims made against individuals can be false.

This is why people need to stop speculating about serious criminal cases

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Stop speculating and let the police do their jobs. Stop trying people in the court of public opinion and let the trial go on in the actual court room.

It seems as if there are many problems with the testimony given by the accuser of DSK.

Remember, DSK is still afforded the presumption of innocence.

Update: Issues pertaining to the phone call in question may have been taken out of context.  However, the lies told in the investigation still may hurt her ability to get justice if she was, in fact, raped.