Roger shocks me.

There is an article on The Weekly Standard about false accusations of rape. I have several issues with the way in which the article was written. One of the problems is the highly flawed Iowa study done by Kanin.

Well, Roger Canaff has some criticisms of the article as well.  However,  in his attempt to discredit the author he fails to link to one study or one report to back up his claim that the author is, in fact, wrong about her claim that women lie about being raped more than other people lie about other crimes.

And let’s look at one of the quotes that he criticizes in full context. “While orthodox feminists grudgingly admit that women sometimes make false reports of rape, they insist that such cases represent a minuscule share of all complaints and that to give them much attention is to perpetuate misogynistic “rape myths” and revictimize real victims.”

To me, her point is that she is attacking the idea that because the occurrence of false accusations is low that it should, in some way, be deserving of no attention.

Now, I will grant you that she does quote the Iowa study and anyone who does that is suspect. Even if the number of false accusations in that one town was true, the town is such a small sample size and is irrelevant in the grander conversation that should be had about people who do lie about being raped or sexually assaulted for any reason.

The overall point made by reasonable people who wish to discuss false accusations of rape is that people accused of any crime should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and that the law should be held to the same burden of proof when it comes to convicting someone on a charge as serious as rape or sexual assault. When such a person is found guilty, it is my opinion that the book should be thrown at them.

Unfortunately, there are many (not all, not most, but many) in the feminist movement (of which I am a part) who do wish to sweep false accusations under the rug because they fear that every false accusation hurts every prosecution of every real rape.

But here is where Roger shocks me. He states: “False reports are both horrific and criminal. People who make them should be dealt with harshly unless serious mental illness was at play in making the report.” Unfortunately, he then seems to try and sweep them under the rug as well. But if false rape accuser apologists can make a statement that false reports are horrific and criminal, perhaps there is hope.

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