• Why this site? – As a victim of a false accusation of a crime, I feel that it is important that our justice system treats people as if they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law (a right of all people accused of a crime). The harm that comes with a false accusation, especially with false accusations of sexual violence, can be irreparable.
  • Are you a rape apologist? -The silliest accusation that I have seen since I decided to come forward and tell my story is that I am, in some way, a rape apologist. For some reason they believe that people who seek to educate others on the harm false accusations can do are trying to say that all women are liars and are trying to make it harder for actual victims of rape to seek justice. The answer is of course I am not a rape apologist. I hope all rapists go to jail for a very long time. I also think that society could do a much better job in setting up a support system so actual victims of rape do not hesitate to do what is necessary to seek justice.  In fact, I firmly believe that people who falsely accuse others of rape are the ones who are making it harder for rape victims to seek justice.
  • Are you against feminism? – Of course not. Feminists seek equality in our society and expose the inequalities that unfortunately exist for women today. Now, there are extremists in every group and I oppose extremism in all forms. It is also possible that I might post disagreements with some people who happen to be feminists as I post on this forum. For example, the woman who labeled me a rape apologist on another forum would likely label herself a feminist. Just because I disagree with her, it does not mean that I disagree with feminism. I happen to believe that people like her within the feminist movement are the exception and not the rule.
  • Why, if your site is about all false accusations, will you focus on sex crimes? – The simple answer is that my life experience qualifies me to discuss these false accusations over others. It can also be said that false accusation of sex crimes carry with them, on conviction, a lifetime mark against you (as opposed to most other crimes). I am all for people convicted of sexual violence being required to sign up on sex offender registries. However, it is not justice when people who committed no crimes are labeled as sexual criminals for life. I am passionate about other subjects. If you want to see my feelings on other topics, please check out my political blog: Liberty and Justice for All
  • Are you afraid that others might not believe that you are falsely accused? – Not after reading the short, short, version of my accusation.
  • Why havn’t you written about topic “X”? – As this a new blog, I may not have had the time to describe everything I might feel on this subject of false accusations. You are free to ask me how I feel about subjects that have not been brought up yet. However, the fact that I have not brought up a subject should not be interpreted as a dismissal of that topic.

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